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What Are The Advantages Of Sheet Metal Processing?

- Dec 14, 2018 -

What are the advantages of sheet metal processing? The right or wrong of the process selection will directly affect the cost of parts production. For example, the parts to be sampled are usually small batches. If there is no specific number of subsequent processing, the sheet metal processing is generally used to complete the price. Some; if there are batches of sheet metal parts, then the sheet metal process is not as good as the stamping process. It seems that sheet metal processing is more practical.

If you want to know the advantages of sheet metal processing, you should first understand what the sheet metal processing process is. There are cutting, deburring, bending, secondary processing, spraying and other processing techniques. These processes are done manually by removing the burrs, and the rest are done with the machine. These processes can be mechanized and automated by means of positioning fixtures to greatly improve the processing efficiency and production quality of the parts. The cutting equipment is a clear example. The cutting machine CNC punching machine, laser machine, shearing machine, etc. are all automated by using the positioning fixture. These equipments have set the origin and X and Y coordinates before leaving the factory. Take the CNC punch to solve the advantages of sheet metal processing.

First of all, the number of punching operations is simple and convenient, and it has advantages for workpieces with a complicated shape, but the thickness should be within the range that can be processed. After the program is programmed, the board can be automatically processed. In addition to the need to invest a certain amount of cost in the early stage, the low input cost in the later stage can help enterprises improve economic efficiency. Followed by the quality of finished products. The quality of the number of stamping parts is very good, not only the punching parts have high precision and flatness, but also make the products consistent. Then the CNC punching machine has high production efficiency. The digital punch can realize the mass production of parts and the production speed is fast. CNC sheet metal processing is not only fast, good quality and diversified processing methods, single punch, continuous punch, array punch and so on.

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