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The System Structure Of Hot Runner

- Nov 21, 2017 -

The runner system is composed of a hot nozzle, a shunt plate, a temperature control box and an accessory. Hot nozzle generally includes two kinds: open hot nozzle and needle valve type hot nozzle. As the form of hot nozzle directly determines the selection of heat runner system and the manufacture of moulds, the Heat runner system is divided into open heat runner system and needle valve type heat runner system. The shunt plate is used in one-mode multiple-cavity or multiple-point feed, single point feed, but offset. Materials are usually used in P20 or H13. Dividing plate is generally divided into standard and non-standard two categories, its structural form mainly by the cavity in the mold distribution, nozzle arrangement and the location of the gate to determine. The temperature control box includes the host, the cable, the connector and the connection male and female outlet. Hot runner accessories usually include: Heaters and thermocouples, runner seals, connectors and junction boxes.

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