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The International Bearing Market Has Long Been Occupied By Eight Major Multinational Companies.

- Jul 18, 2018 -

With the global industry entering the 4.0 stage and the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, the demand for bearings in the international market is increasing. 

However, as far as the global bearing industry is concerned, the bearing market is still dominated by SKF, FAG, NSK, TIMKEN, NTN, KOYO, Minebea and Nachi. These eight multinational companies are monopolized. Other brands are difficult to be known to the public. China's bearing enterprises are in the international market. The share is even more limited.

Looking back at the domestic bearing market, although there are many domestic brands, high-end bearings mainly rely on imports. 80% of the market share is mainly occupied by the five well-known foreign brands such as “SKF, FAG, NTN, NSK, TIMKEN”. The domestic brands only have some brands such as “Wa Sha, Luo Sha, Ha Sha, Ren Ben, Tian Ma”. Competition.

So what is causing the current situation? Like GP, Aiken, CAE, Igus, such high-quality small and medium-sized brands, it is difficult to open the market situation?

The answer must be no. The reason why these small and medium-sized brands are not well-known, mostly related to traditional trading habits. Industrial goods trade is different from civilian goods. It requires a very long decision-making period. Once the cooperation is confirmed, it will form a point-to-point long-term supply, and other brands are difficult to intervene. This has made it difficult for small and medium-sized brands to enter the market.

At the same time, small and medium-sized brands are limited by capital and labor costs, and market channels are often difficult to open.

The establishment of corporate credibility and popularity, and the transmission of corporate reputation must be accumulated slowly during the transaction process, requiring a large accumulation of time. This has also caused certain difficulties for small and medium-sized brands to enter the market.

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