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The Classification Of Hot Runner

- Nov 21, 2017 -

The Hot runner system is divided into absolute hot runner (fully hot runner) and miniature semi-hot runner system (semi Hot Runner). The design of hot runner is complex, but the effect is good and the maintenance cost is very low. Miniature semi-hot runner structure is simple, stable and easy to use, low failure rate, because the structure of the maintenance cost is low, the stability of the production has greater guarantee.

Hot Runner Category: Open (for miniature half heat runner), needle valve type (for the absolute hot runner).


The open structure is simple, and it is suitable for miniature half heat flow channel. Not suitable for the absolute hot runner, the Heat runner has a higher limitation on the material, and it is directly exposed to the surface of the product, it is easy to draw and leak, and the surface quality is poor; micro-heat runner does not touch the product but touches the tiny runner, so you can use open thermal nozzle, High precision molds are used in foreign countries.

Needle valve type

Needle valve type Hot runner saves material, plastic piece surface is beautiful, at the same time internal quality is close, strength is high.

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