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Technical Key Of Hot Runner

- Nov 21, 2017 -

A successful hot Runner mold application project needs several links to be protected. The most important of these are two technical factors. One is the control of plastic temperature and the other is the control of plastic flow.

1. Temperature control of plastics

The control of plastic temperature is very important in the application of Hot runner mould. Many production process and product quality problems come directly from the Hot runner system temperature control is not good. such as the use of hot needle gate method injection molding when the quality of the product gate problem, valve gate method forming when the valve pin closure difficult problem, multi-cavity mold parts filling time and quality inconsistency problems. If possible, we should choose a hot runner system with different temperature control to increase the flexibility and adaptability.

2. Control of plastic flow

Plastic in the hot runner system to flow balance. The gate should be opened at the same time to allow the plastic to synchronize the cavities. For the family mold of the difference of the weight of the parts, the design balance of the runner size is needed. Otherwise, there will be some parts filled with mold to protect the pressure is not enough, some parts are filled with excessive pressure, flying edge too large quality problems. It is reasonable to design the runner size. Size too small filling die pressure loss too large. The size is too large, the hot runner volume is too large, plastic in the hot runner system to stay for too long, damage material properties, resulting in parts can not meet the requirements of the use.

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