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Simple Description Of Hot Runner

- Nov 21, 2017 -


Many conditions are the choice of hot mouth when considering factors, such as: different plastic characteristics, product shape, size, thickness, weight, cavity arrangement and gate position, we have a number of different shapes and sizes of hot mouth and runner plate to adapt to a variety of products.

Simple Introduction

Hot Runner is a heating method to ensure that the runner and the gate of plastic to maintain the melting state. Because the heating rods and the heating ring are arranged near the runner or in the center, from the injection molding machine nozzle exit to the gate of the entire flow is at high temperature, so that the flow of plastic to maintain the melting, after the shutdown generally do not need to open the flow path to remove the condensate, and then only add the hot runner to the desired temperature can be. Therefore, the hot runner process is sometimes called a heat-collecting pipe system, or a flow-free channel molding.

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