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Sheet Metal Processing-Welding Spray-Sheet Metal Fabrication

- Dec 14, 2018 -

Sheet Metal Processing-Welding Spray-Sheet Metal Fabrication

After finishing the processing steps such as cutting and bending, the parts should be welded together to improve the strength of the parts. 

The common welding methods are a little welding, CO2 gas shielded welding, etc., but the welding deformation must be strictly controlled, and for the machine tool cover, Products such as laser shields should be fully considered for their welding rod materials, weld requirements, workpiece thickness, etc., and select the appropriate welding power source and current to avoid affecting the welding quality and efficiency of the product.

On this basis, sheet metal forming can be completed by surface processing, among which baking varnish, electro-galvanizing, electrostatic adsorption and the like are common surface treatment methods. 

In the machine tool sheet metal, the spraying process is mainly used for surface treatment. Due to the national attention to environmental protection, traditional processes such as pickling and phosphating have not adapted to the development needs of the country. Hong Yue has canceled the pickling and phosphating treatment and directly used the plating. 

The zinc plate is used instead to solve the pollution link from the raw materials, and the special welding wire of the galvanized sheet is also used in the welding to ensure the welding quality.

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