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Sheet Metal Processing Precautions-Sheet Metal Fabrication

- Dec 14, 2018 -

Sheet metal processing precautions-Sheet Metal Fabrication

The post-treatment of sheet metal products is mainly for the treatment of the surface of sheet metal products, that is, in order to protect the material, a film is applied on the surface to prevent oxidation, and the adhesion of the paint can be enhanced. 

The process includes electroplating, electrostatic adsorption, baking paint. , oxidation treatment, etc., wherein electrostatic adsorption is mainly used for cold rolled sheets. After the post-processing, the sheet metal parts are basically processed. 

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection of the parts, and it is not possible to scratch the surface, otherwise it will not be qualified. The process of sheet metal processing is a combination of theory and practice. 

It is a production process that combines the basic process knowledge of mechanical manufacturing, basic process methods and basic process practices. 

In this process, pay attention to the following aspects: When using the sample drawing, the expansion mode should be convenient to save material and processing timeliness; the position of the riveting, buds, punching points (packages) should be marked in the sectional view to facilitate Processing can also be understood more intuitively; check the parameters such as plate thickness, material and plate thickness tolerance, and indicate the key points for errors that are easy to make mistakes; for larger and more complicated places, this part should be enlarged. Tips should also be given for products that require paint or protection. 

In short, in the sheet metal processing process must be strictly in accordance with the processing steps to complete.

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