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Instructions For Guide Pillars

- Nov 21, 2017 -

Guide Column Introduction

The material of the guide pillar is generally selected bearing steel, hot making die steel, easy car iron, and so on, the use of bearing steel SUJ2 is larger, so that the durability and the change of the Guide column in the Guide performance will be greatly strengthened. The guide pillar and the component form the outer Guide pillar Assembly and the Inner Guide pillar Assembly, has the beautiful metallic luster.

Heat Treatment of Guide column: hrc58-62, Surface roughness of guide column: Ra0.8, Ra1.6.

The number of the oil tanks increases with the length of the Guide column, and the most extreme oil trough is 8.


Guide pillar, in accordance with the use of different places, divided into: Automotive mold Guide Pillars, independent guide pillars, formwork with guide pillars, unloading plate with guide pillars. In accordance with the direction of the different, divided into: Sliding Guide column (code SGP), Rolling Guide column (code SRP). According to the installation method is different, divided into: loading and unloading guide pillars and pressure-type guide pillars.

Center Hole

The roundness of the Guide column is very high, the center hole is mainly to be able to use cylindrical grinder grinding outside diameter, because the use of external cylindrical grinder grinding outside diameter to use the top of the center hole to make the Guide column rotation can be grinding.

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