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Development Direction Of Hot Runner

- Nov 21, 2017 -

At present, the main development trend of hot runner mould at home and abroad can be summed up in the following aspects.

The miniaturization of components to achieve the small-scale products of one-mode multi-cavity and large product gate filling mold. By reducing the nozzle space, more cavities can be configured on the mould to improve the output of the products and the utilization ratio of the injector.

At present, the user requests the mold design and the manufacture cycle is shorter, the Hot runner element standardization not only will help to reduce the duplication of the design work and reduce the cost of the die, and it is very easy to replace and repair the vulnerable parts.

The overall reliability of hot runner mold design is improved. Now the major mold companies at home and abroad to the hot runner plate design and thermal nozzle phase connection part of the pressure distribution, temperature distribution, sealing and other issues of research and development attaches great importance.

The purpose of improving the material of the hot runner is to improve the wear resistance of the nozzle and hot runner and to form the sensitive material.

Develop accurate temperature control system. In the hot runner mold molding, the development of more sophisticated temperature control device, controlling the hot runner plate and the temperature of the molten resin in the pouring mouth are effective measures to prevent the resin from overheating degradation and product performance reduction.

The hot runner is used for the common note. Through the effective combination design of the branch tube and the hot nozzle element, the injection molding is combined with the Heat runner technology, and the composite plastic products with 3 layers, 5 layers and even more layers can be formed.

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