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Design Procedure Of Hot Runner

- Nov 21, 2017 -

1. According to the structure of the plastic parts and use requirements, determine the position of feed mouth. As long as the plastic parts structure allows, the nozzle and nozzle head in the fixed-mode inserts are not interfered with the forming structure, the inlet of the hot runner system can be placed in any position of the plastic parts. The position of the feeding port of the conventional plastic injection molding is usually based on the experience selection. For large and complex shaped plastic parts, injection molding inlet position can be used computer-aided analysis (CAE) to simulate the flow of molten plastic in the cavity, analysis of the cooling effect of various parts of the mold, to determine the ideal feeding port position.

2. Determine the nozzle head form of the Hot runner system. The use characteristics of plastic materials and products are the key factors of choosing nozzle Head form, and the manufacturing cost of plastic parts is also an important factor of choosing nozzle head form.

3. According to the size of the plastic parts production and the tonnage of the injection equipment, determine the number of cavities per module.

4. The number of nozzles is determined by the position of the feeding port and the number of cavities per module. If you are forming a product, choose one die at a feeding port, as long as a nozzle, that is, the use of a single hot runner system; If a product is formed, the choice of one-mode multiple cavities or one-die cavity more than two feed mouth, then a plurality of nozzles, that is, the use of long hot runner system, except for the mold with Cross-flow channel structure.

5. According to the weight of the plastic parts and nozzle number, determine the size of the nozzle radial size. The nozzle of the same form has a plurality of size series, which meet the requirements of plastic parts forming in different weight ranges respectively.

6. According to the structure of the plastic parts to determine the size of the mold, and then according to the size of the fixed mold inserts and fixed template thickness of the nozzle standard length series size, and finally fixed the template thickness and other related to the hot runner system size.

7. According to the shape of hot runner plate to determine the shape of the hot runner fixed plate, on its board to decorate the power cord lead groove, and in the Hot runner plate, nozzle, nozzle head near the design of adequate cooling water loop.

8. Finish the design drawing of plastic mould for hot runner system.

9. A mature hot runner system must take into account the degree of coordination between the Heat runner system and the plastic mold, that is, the design of the thermal half die. Hot refers to the professional hot runner factory for customers to process the precision Hot runner system, with simple maintenance and convenient, with high precision, fast processing and other characteristics, reduce injection pressure and clamping force.

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