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Design And Processing Of Sheet Metal In The Machine Tool Industry

- Dec 14, 2018 -

Design and processing of sheet metal in the machine tool industry

Whether it is automobile casing, CNC machine tool cover, computer case, communication equipment and other products are inseparable from sheet metal, and with the maturity of sheet metal processing technology, sheet metal has shown a broader development prospect. 

However, sheet metal processing is a relatively complicated task, involving not only various process methods and parameters, but also equipment principles and operation techniques. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of sheet metal parts meets the product requirements, we need to design the sheet metal. , processing procedures and precautions to explore, in order to promote the healthy development of sheet metal processing industry

Sheet metal design

Hong Yue has formed its own set of systems in the design and manufacture of sheet metal for 12 years to ensure the quality of sheet metal design and processing.

Steel frame combined with protective cover

In the sheet metal design, we usually design the mounting hole on the bed, and use the hexagonal screw of 8mm or more to fix it. The square tube with the cross-sectional area of at least 40mm×40mm is designed as the frame, and the “hanging cable” is adopted. The form protects the machine guard on the steel frame (Fig. 1), which ensures the firmness and easy disassembly and transportation.

Sheet design

At the beginning of the design, Hong Yue considered the actual production, including the size of the sheet. The currently used sheet sizes are 1250mm × 2500mm and 1500mm × 3000mm, and the laser cutting machine with a format of 3015 is used. Therefore, it must be guaranteed during design. The processed sheet is in this size range, otherwise it will be processed separately.

General sheet metal parts

In the programming stage, a lot of edge materials are generated. In order to improve the sheet material utilization rate, some common parts such as ribs or glass beading can be programmed into the processing program, which not only improves the utilization rate of the cutting machine, but also consumes the edge material and reduces the material. damage.

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