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CNC Technique For Sheet Metal Processing

- Dec 13, 2018 -

CNC technology used in Sheet Metal Processing

CNC technology has been widely used in sheet metal machine tools, which solves the problems of high precision, complex shape and large batch size of sheet metal processing. CNC sheet metal machine tools include CNC shearing machine, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine, welding machine, flame cutting machine and so on. Their application in production greatly improves the processing capacity of sheet metal, guarantees the quality and output of sheet metal parts, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

The cutting board cutting is the first process in the sheet metal processing process. The accuracy of the blanking directly affects the processing quality of the subsequent process. The application of the CNC shearing machine ensures the size of the blanking and the diagonal difference of the blanking. . The CNC shearing machine is composed of numerical control device, servo system, measuring device and machine tool. The servo system consists of three servo motors and servo drives. There are two servo motors in front of the machine. Usually one main motor works separately. The processing range is 2-500mm. If the diagonal of the network cabinet is used, the auxiliary motor works. The CNC system gives two different commands to form the bevel. After positioning a servo motor, mainly processing large plate surface products, processing range of 150 ~ 4000mm.

Stamping is an important part of sheet metal processing, and CNC punching machines can replace the processing capacity of the past three punching machines. Greatly increased productivity. The CNC punch press is a versatile machine tool with a single punch and a turret.

The machine operator determines the machining plan writing program according to the part drawing and the process requirements. The operator directly writes the program into the program memory in the EDIT mode through the operation panel of the machine tool; with the development of CAD/CAM and CIMS machine, the operator can input the graphic into the computer through the computer related software to generate the program, copy in The disk is input to the CNC through the disk drive. It can also be input by serial method of computer and numerical control system. The programming instructions of the CNC punching machine are divided into G code M code, which is used to instruct the machine tool to perform machining movement and interpolation mode. Such as G91 incremental command, G90 absolute command, G29 arc punch, G68 rifle arc. The M code is the code that instructs the machine to do some auxiliary actions. If the M30 program stops. After the inspection procedure is correct, release the caliper and place the caliper in the workpiece. The starting oil pump and the punch execute the program to complete the machining.

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