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CNC Bending-Sheet Metal Fabrication

- Dec 14, 2018 -

CNC Bending-Sheet Metal Fabrication

In general, the bending of the machine tool sheet metal processing needs to keep the thickness of the bottom of the material constant, and the corners of the machine are gradually thinned, and the position near the flange becomes thicker. 

The bending is the transition part of the 2D flat piece to the 3D part, specifically, the bending force is applied to the metal sheet by a bending machine to transform it from elastic deformation to plastic deformation, and the sheet will be freely bent first, then Under the action of pressure, the bending arm and the radius of curvature will continue to decrease until V-shaped bending is formed. 

The folding bed mold and folding bed are the main tools, and the thickness, bending direction, size and angle of the sheet are strictly controlled.

Hong Yue has a professional bending team, and a professional Amada CNC bending machine and Yawei CNC bending machine to ensure that our innovative design can be perfectly realized.

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