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C-Segment Length Of Guide Pillars

- Nov 21, 2017 -

The length of the C segment of the Oblique Guide column is very important, and its length controls the distance s of the slider running. The length calculation of the Inclined Guide column is actually calculated by using "trigonometric". This calculated value is only in the idealized state, in fact, it also takes into account the gap between the slider and the inclined pillar, and the rounded corners above them, and so on. However, now AutoCAD and other computer-aided design software has been so advanced, completely the people from the complex formula of liberation, as long as the adoption of some simple commands, or the use of some more efficient plug-in, you can draw the need for the Inclined Guide column, but also can draw its length, but also can simulate their state after the open mode. Do not manually calculate the data.

Determination of angle of oblique guide pillar in Mould

The angle of the oblique guide pillar of the mould commonly uses 20 degree or 25 degrees two kinds of inclination angle, generally uses 20 degrees this kind, if the slider moves the distance a little length words, may use this kind of 25 degrees. If the distance is longer, use a hydraulic or pneumatic method.

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