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What is needle roller Bearing?

- Mar 20, 2018 -

Needle roller bearings are roller bearings with cylindrical rollers, which are thin and long relative to their diameters. This roller is called a roller. 

Although the bearing has a small section, the bearing still has a high load bearing capacity, so it is especially suitable for the situation where the radial space is limited. The needle profile shrinks slightly near the end. 

The results of needle and raceway contact correction can avoid breaking edge stress. Support roller needle bearing is thick-walled outer ring, after high temperature and high nitrogen quenching, the roller with high precision sorting is guided by the edge of high rigid outer ring, With linear contact, the roller can be rotated directly on the raceway and can bear huge load. 

To remove the stress, the outer ring supporting the roller is designed with curved surface, the curved roller has single, double sealing ring, no sealing ring, With sealing ring and other specifications. Large storage grease with sealing ring, provide lithium-based grease long-term lubrication, and extend lubrication interval. 

The sealing ring is made of NBR or ST12 with skeleton, its running temperature range is -30 to 100 degree C or -30 degree C to 180 degree C. The tightly packed curve roller can withstand heavy extreme load and high performance operation. The outer ring of rsto has no edge and no inner ring supporting roller.

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