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The Processing to produce Deep Groove Ball Bearing

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Deep groove ball bearings manufacturing methods: 

1, With the bearing steel processing to make inner ring and the outer ring, through, cutting, trenching, heat treatment, internal and external grinding, flat magic, grinding, into the ball with a cage separately, oil, packaging, completed. 

2, Put the outer ring, and then put the inner ring. Here the inner ring to the outer edge of the side to put, and then into the ball. Do a good job with the cage fixed ball position. 

3, in the bearing industry, the ball placed in the middle of the outer ring this process is called "assembly" or "fit." Prepare the inner and outer rings, the inner ring placed by the side; into the ball; points ball, with a small paw of ball divider evenly separated from the ball; place the cage and the two rivets and cage. 

4, in the actual production there is full, usually with a ball gap. Can be seen on the side of the ball gap, the ball filled in from that gap, but this bearing ability to withstand axial load is relatively small, with less.

5, deep groove ball bearings are mainly divided into inner and outer rings, steel balls, cage, ring (dust cover). 

6, deep groove ball bearings are the most common type of rolling bearing. The basic type of deep groove ball bearings by an outer ring, an inner ring, a group of steel balls and a cage. Deep groove ball bearings with single and double row type of two types, deep groove ball structure is also sub-seal and open two structures, open refers to the bearing without sealing structure, sealed deep groove ball is divided into dust-proof seal and oil seal.

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