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The main characteristics of Self-aligning Ball Bearings

- Mar 25, 2018 -

1.       The outer ring raceway of the centering ball bearing is a part of the spherical surface, and the curvature center is on the bearing axis line, so the bearing has the adjustable heart function and can be automatically adjusted when the shaft and housing are flexure, without increasing the bearing burden.

2.       It can withstand radial load and proper axial load in both directions, but can not withstand torque load.

The contact angle of this kind of bearing is small, the contact angle is almost unchanged under axial load, the axial bearing capacity is small, and the radial load capacity is large, which is suitable for heavy load and impact load.

3.     Double row centering ball bearings with fastening sleeves and locking nuts can be mounted anywhere on the optical shaft without the need to position the shaft shoulder.


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