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The difference between Self Aligning Ball Bearing and Self Aligning Roller Bearing

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Self-aligning ball bearings have two columns of balls, the inner ring has two raceways, outer ring raceway is the spherical type, with self-aligning performance. 

It can automatically compensate the coaxial error caused by the deflection of the shaft and the deformation of the housing. It is suitable for the parts that support the seat hole can not guarantee the coaxiality. 

This type of bearing mainly radial load, radial load at the same time, also can withstand a small amount of axial load, usually not for pure axial load, such as to withstand pure axial load, only a column of steel force

Spherical self aligning roller bearings have two rows of rollers, mainly for radial load, but also can withstand any direction of axial load. 

This kind of bearing has high radial load capacity and is especially suitable for work under heavy load or vibration load, but it can not bear the pure axial load. 

The self-aligning performance is good and the coaxial error can be compensated.

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