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The aligning performance of rolling bearing

- Nov 21, 2017 -

The bearing is still able to work properly when the centerline of the shaft is tilted relative to the center line of the housing hole. Double row centripetal spherical ball bearings and double row centripetal spherical roller bearings have good tuning performance. roller bearings and needle bearings do not allow the inner and outer ring axis to have a relative tilt. Various types of rolling bearings allow for different tilt angle, such as single row centripetal ball bearings for 8′~16′, double row centripetal spherical ball bearings for 2°~3°, tapered roller bearing ≤2′.

Limit speed: The maximum rotational speed allowed under certain loads and lubrication conditions. The limit speed is related to bearing type, size, precision, clearance, cage, load and cooling conditions. The working speed of the bearing should be lower than the limit speed. The use of high-precision bearings, improve the structure of the cage and materials, the use of oil mist lubrication, improve the cooling conditions, can improve the limit speed.

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