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Technical problems when choosing and buying hot Runner system

- Nov 21, 2017 -

Users in the selection and purchase of Hot runner system will involve a lot of specific technical links. If the user has a good and hot runner-related technical knowledge, it is easy to choose and purchase the most suitable hot runner system to ensure that the subsequent injection molding process smooth and improve product quality.

1. Correct selection of Hot Runner product series

Hot runner suppliers are often made into product lines according to the different size of the plastic parts. such as large plastic parts using large size nozzle processing, small plastic parts with small size of the nozzle processing. Therefore, the user in the correct choice of Hot runner type (both the selection of heat-tip or valve-type system), is the choice of heat runner product line. The structure size and design and manufacture of the mould are determined. If the Hot Runner product line selection is not correct, to the mold processing later or in the plastic parts production only found that the error is very serious and difficult to save. To help select the Hot runner product line correctly, each hot runner supplier has some instructional technical documents for reference. Users should work closely with hot runner suppliers to choose a good hot runner product line.

2. Injection pressure loss in hot runner system

The injection pressure loss in the hot runner system should not be neglected. Many hot runner mould users have a misconception that the injection pressure loss of the hot runner is much smaller than that of the cold flow channel. The reason is that the plastic solution in the hot runner is always warm throughout the injection process. In fact, many times the opposite is true. Because of the need of hot runner structure design in hot runner mold, the flow distance in the hot runner system will be greatly increased. Therefore, the injection pressure loss in the Hot runner system is often larger. In the practical application, because the injection pressure loss is too large in the hot runner system, it is very difficult to create the injection molding. Therefore, the processing of poor fluidity of plastic (such as pc,pom, etc.), dissolved in the hot runner system in the flow distance of large, or workpiece weight, and so on, should be used CAE software flow channel analysis and calculation.

3. Standard and non-standard hot runner systems

All hot runner manufacturers provide both standard and non-standard hot runner systems. If possible, users should choose the hot runner system as far as possible. As far as possible to select the standard length and size of the nozzle, Hot runner plate, gate inserts and so on. The advantage is that the quasi-standard hot runner system has a lower price than the non-standard hot runner system, and the delivery time is much shorter. The interchangeability of the parts is beneficial to the future use and maintenance. Once a part is broken, buy another standard part and put it on the line.

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