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Sheet Metal Fabrication Stamping Die use in Car industry

- Dec 05, 2018 -

Sheet Metal Fabrication Stamping Die use in Car industry

Automobile sheet metal fabrication stamping die is a technical means of auto repair. In this respect, auto sheet metal is equal to auto sheet metal repair. It refers to the repair of the car body after the collision of the car, that is, all the work except the anti-corrosion and decorative spraying work on the car body. Such as the analysis of car body damage, car body measurement, car body sheet metal shaping, stretch correction, stress relief welding, and car body accessories assembly, adjustment and other work.

Automobile sheet metal is a kind of processing method for automobile maintenance. It is also called cold work. It is said that if the appearance of the vehicle body is damaged or deformed, the process of sheet metal is required. Automobile crash repair has evolved from the original "squeeze welding" to the secondary manufacturing assembly of the body. 

The repair of a collision accident vehicle is no longer a simple car sheet metal tapping and tapping. The quality of the repair cannot be observed by the naked eye alone to observe the appearance and gap of the vehicle. Maintenance personnel must not only understand the technical parameters and dimensions of the body, but also the characteristics of the body material, the characteristics of the force transfer, the deformation trend of the body and the force points and the production process of the body such as the welding process. 

On the basis of mastering this knowledge, maintenance personnel must use advanced measuring tools to determine the direct indirect damage deformation of the body through accurate three-dimensional measurement of the body, and to develop a complete body due to the hidden danger of the body deformation. 

The repair plan, and then with the correct maintenance process and accurate three-dimensional data of the key points of the body, restore the key points of the body to the original position to restore the damaged body to the factory state.

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