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Sheet Metal Chassis Case Box - Quality requirements and inspection standards

- Dec 05, 2018 -

With the progress of the social economy, people's living standards are constantly improving, the aesthetic trend is constantly changing, and the requirements for product appearance are getting higher and higher. For the sheet metal chassis, due to the special properties of the sheet metal material, the design does not give the designer a lot of freedom. Therefore, it is not so easy to design a sheet metal cabinet. What kind of chassis cabinet can be considered good, what are the requirements for the quality of the appearance of the sheet metal cabinet, and what are the inspection standards for the appearance of the sheet metal cabinet? In general, we can distinguish from the following aspects.

Sheet Metal Chassis

First of all, the processing position of the sheet metal cabinet is neat and tidy, which is mainly required for flatness, verticality and profile. Secondly, the appearance of surface treatment specifications for sheet metal chassis is mainly the requirements of color, uniformity and texture. Generally, the horizontal and vertical, uniform gap, smooth lines, clear outline, and uniform color are the top grades in the sheet metal cabinet. Specifically, the horizontal and vertical are mainly reflected in the processing quality of the material selection and the post-process; the gap is uniform, which reflects the linear dimensional tolerance, the control ability of the tolerance on the tolerance, and the reasonable tolerance distribution; the lines are smooth and the outline is distinct. Bending, welding splicing, grinding, and ash handling capacity level; uniform color, reflecting the level of surface treatment materials, equipment, environment, and operational skills.

Moreover, the design of the sheet metal cabinet should be innovative, which is also the most important and the most difficult. In the face of the increasingly serious market homogenization problem, the differentiation of the design of the sheet metal cabinet is particularly important. This requires designers to pursue a new and beautiful fashion trend in the appearance of the sheet metal cabinet. The innovation of product appearance can start from the aspects of shape, color, material, craft, etc. Designers need to integrate their own ideas into the design, and deal with the details, and design the chassis cabinet products that meet the people's aesthetics. In addition, the design of the sheet metal cabinet should be people-oriented, adhere to the humanized and emotional design, consider the various problems encountered in the design process from the user's point of view, pay attention to the human-computer interaction design of the product, and reflect the humanities in the details. Care, make the product comfortable, ergonomic and beautiful.

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