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Foundry Technology of crankshaft

- Nov 21, 2017 -


The acquisition of high temperature and low sulphur pure molten iron is the key to produce high quality ductile iron. Domestic mainly to cupola production equipment, molten iron has not been pre-desulfurization treatment, followed by high purity pig iron less, coke quality is poor. Using cupola to melt molten iron, desulphurization through the furnace, and then heating up in induction furnace and adjust the composition. The Vacuum direct reading spectrometer has been widely used in the detection of molten iron composition in China.


The technology of air impact moulding is superior to that of clay sand, which can obtain high precision crankshaft castings, and the sand type produced by the process has no rebound deformation, which is especially important for multiple crank.

Electroslag Casting

Electroslag remelting Technology is applied to the production of crankshaft, which makes the casting crankshaft performance comparable with that of forging. and has the development cycle fast, the metal utilization is high, the equipment is simple, the product performance is superior and so on characteristic.

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