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Classification of rolling bearings

- Nov 21, 2017 -

Rolling bearings can be divided into the following structures:

1. Deep Groove ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearing structure is simple, easy to use, is the largest production batch, the widest application of a class of bearings. It is mainly used to withstand radial load, but also can withstand a certain axial load. When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, the function of angular contact bearing can withstand a larger axial load. Used in automobiles, tractors, machine tools, motors, pumps, agricultural machinery, textile machinery and so on.

2. Needle Roller Bearings

Needle roller bearings with thin and long rollers (roller length of $number times, diameter is generally not less than 5mm), so the radial structure is compact, its diameter and load capacity and other types of bearings at the same time, the smallest diameter, particularly suitable for the radial installation size limited support structure. Depending on the use of the situation, you can choose the bearing or needle roller and cage assembly without inner ring, The surface of the axle neck and the outer surface of the casing hole which is matched with the bearing are directly used as the inner part of the bearing. The outer rolling surface, the hardness of the raceway surface of the shaft or casing hole for maintaining the load capacity and running performance in the same way as the bearing ring bearings The bearings are only capable of withstanding radial loads. For example: Cardan shaft, hydraulic pump, thin plate mill, rock drilling machine, machine tool gearbox, automobile and tractor machine gearbox, etc.

3. Angular Contact Bearing

The angular contact ball bearing has higher limit speed, can withstand both the load and axial load, also can withstand the pure axial load, and its axial load capacity is determined by the contact angle and increases with the contact angle. Used for: oil pump, air compressor, all kinds of transmission, fuel injection pump, printing machinery.

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