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Characteristics of rolling bearings

- Nov 21, 2017 -

1. Specialization

In the machining of bearing parts, a large number of special bearing equipment is used. such as steel ball processing using grinding ball machine, grinding machine and other equipment. The characteristics of specialization is also reflected in the production of bearing parts, such as professional production of steel ball company, professional production of miniature bearings, such as micro-bearing plant.

2. Advanced

Due to the large volume of bearing production requirements, making it possible to use advanced machine tools, tooling and technology. such as CNC machine tools, three-claw floating chuck and protective atmosphere heat treatment.

3. Automation

The specialization of bearing production provides the conditions for its production automation. In the production of a large number of automatic, semi-automatic and not dedicated machine tools, and the production line gradually applied. such as heat treatment line and automatic assembly line.

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