Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearings NA49 -RSR

Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearings NA49 -RSR

NA49 -RSR Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearings Manufacturer and Supplier- HY Introduction Needle roller bearing is cylindrical roller bearing; relate to its diameter the roller is both thin and long. This roller called a needle roller. The bearing still has a high load capacity although the smaller cross-section. The...

Product Details

NA48-Heavy duty Needle roller bearingNA4908 RSR heavy duty needle roller bearing1

Fw mmD mmC1 mm
Na4900 Rsr Bearings14 mm22 mm14 mm
Na4901 Rsr   Bearings16 mm24 mm14 mm
Na4902 Rsr   Bearings20 mm28 mm14 mm
Na4903 Rsr   Bearings22 mm30 mm14 mm
Na4904 Rsr   Bearings25 mm37 mm18 mm
Na4905 Rsr   Bearings30 mm42 mm18 mm
Na4906 Rsr   Bearings35 mm47 mm18 mm
Na4907 Rsr   Bearings42 mm55 mm21 mm
Na4908 Rsr   Bearings48 mm62 mm23 mm
Na4909 Rsr   Bearings52 mm68 mm23 mm
Na4910 Rsr   Bearings58 mm72 mm23 mm

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