Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearing NK

Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearing NK

NK Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearings Manufacturer and Supplier- HY Introduction Needle roller bearing is cylindrical roller bearing; relate to its diameter the roller is both thin and long. This roller called a needle roller. The bearing still has a high load capacity although the smaller cross-section.

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Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearing NK

Needle roller bearing is cylindrical roller bearing; relate to its diameter the roller is both thin and long. This roller called a needle roller. The bearing still has a high load capacity although the smaller cross-section.

NK Bearings are supplied in standard envelopes in both sealed and unsealed configurations.

NK Needle Roller Bearing designs are easy to install and are especially beneficial in compact designs because of their high load capacity and small sectional height. The caged rollers allow for the heavy duty needle roller bearings to be used in high speed applications.

Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearing NK1

Fw mmD mmC1 mm
Nk510   Tv Bearings5   mm10   mm10   mm
Nk512   Tv Bearings5   mm10   mm12   mm
Nk610   Tv Bearings6   mm12   mm10   mm
Nk612   Tv Bearings6   mm12   mm12   mm
Nk710   Tv Bearings7   mm14   mm10   mm
Nk712   Tv Bearings7   mm14   mm12   mm
Nk812   Tv Bearings8   mm15   mm12   mm
Nk816   Tv Bearings8   mm15   mm16   mm
Nk912   Tv Bearings9   mm16   mm12   mm
Nk916   Tv Bearings9   mm16   mm16   mm
Nk1012   Tv Bearings10   mm17   mm12   mm
Nk1016   Tv Bearings10   mm17   mm16   mm
Nk1212   Bearings12   mm19   mm12   mm
Nk1216   Bearings12   mm19   mm16   mm
Nk1416   Bearings14   mm22   mm16   mm
Nk1420   Bearings14   mm22   mm20   mm
Nk1516   Bearings15   mm23   mm16   mm
Nk1520   Bearings15   mm23   mm20   mm
Nk1616   Bearings16   mm24   mm16   mm
Nk1620   Bearings16   mm24   mm20   mm
Nk1716   Bearings17   mm25   mm16   mm
Nk1720   Bearings17   mm25   mm20   mm
Nk1816   Bearings18   mm26   mm16   mm
Nk1820   Bearings18   mm26   mm20   mm
Nk1916   Bearings19   mm27   mm16   mm
Nk1920   Bearings19   mm27   mm20   mm
Nk2016   Bearings20   mm28   mm16   mm
Nk2020   Bearings20   mm28   mm20   mm
Nk2116   Bearings21   mm29   mm16   mm
Nk2120   Bearings21   mm29   mm20   mm
Nk2216   Bearings22   mm30   mm16   mm
Nk2220   Bearings22   mm30   mm20   mm
Nk2416   Bearings24   mm32   mm16   mm
Nk2420   Bearings24   mm32   mm20   mm
Nk2516   Bearings25   mm33   mm16   mm
Nk2520   Bearings25   mm33   mm20   mm
Nk2616   Bearings26   mm34   mm16   mm
Nk2620   Bearings26   mm34   mm20   mm
Nk2820   Bearings28   mm37   mm20   mm
Nk2830   Bearings28   mm37   mm30   mm
Nk2920   Tv Bearings29   mm38   mm20   mm
Nk2930   Bearings29   mm38   mm30   mm
Nk3020   Tv Bearings30   mm40   mm20   mm
Nk3030   Tv Bearings30   mm40   mm30   mm
Nk3220   Tv Bearings32   mm42   mm20   mm
Nk3230   Bearings32   mm42   mm30   mm
Nk3520   Tv Bearings35   mm45   mm20   mm
Nk3530   Tv Bearings35   mm45   mm30   mm
Nk3720   Bearings37   mm47   mm20   mm
Nk3730   Bearings37   mm47   mm30   mm
Nk3820   Bearings38   mm48   mm20   mm
Nk3830   Bearings38   mm48   mm30   mm
Nk4020   Tv Bearings40   mm50   mm20   mm
Nk4030   Bearings40   mm50   mm30   mm
Nk4220   Bearings42   mm52   mm20   mm
Nk4230   Bearings42   mm52   mm30   mm
Nk4320   Bearings43   mm53   mm20   mm
Nk4330   Bearings43   mm53   mm30   mm
Nk4520   Tv Bearings45   mm55   mm20   mm
Nk4530   Tv Bearings45   mm55   mm30   mm
Nk4720   Bearings47   mm57   mm20   mm
Nk4730   Bearings47   mm57   mm30   mm
Nk5025   Tv Bearings50   mm62   mm25   mm
Nk5035   Tv Bearings50   mm62   mm35   mm
Nk5525   Bearings55   mm68   mm25   mm
Nk5535   Bearings55   mm68   mm35   mm
Nk6025   Tv Bearings60   mm72   mm25   mm
Nk6035   Bearings60   mm72   mm35   mm
Nk6525   Bearings65   mm78   mm25   mm
Nk6535   Bearings65   mm78   mm35   mm
Nk6825   Bearings68   mm82   mm25   mm
Nk6835   Bearings68   mm82   mm35   mm
Nk7025   Bearings70   mm85   mm25   mm
Nk7035   Bearings70   mm85   mm35   mm
Nk7325   Bearings73   mm90   mm25   mm
Nk7335   Bearings73   mm90   mm35   mm
Nk7525   Bearings75   mm92   mm25   mm
Nk7535   Bearings75   mm92   mm35   mm
Nk8025   Bearings80   mm95   mm25   mm
Nk8035   Bearings80   mm95   mm35   mm
Nk8525   Bearings85   mm105   mm25   mm
Nk8535   Bearings85   mm105   mm35   mm
Nk9025   Bearings90   mm110   mm25   mm
Nk9035   Bearings90   mm110   mm35   mm
Nk9526   Bearings95   mm115   mm26   mm
Nk9536   Bearings95   mm115   mm36   mm
Nk10026   Bearings100   mm120   mm26   mm
Nk10036   Bearings100   mm120   mm36   mm
Nk10526   Bearings105   mm125   mm26   mm
Nk10536   Bearings105   mm125   mm36   mm
Nk11030   Bearings110   mm130   mm30   mm
Nk11040   Bearings110   mm130   mm40   mm

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