Angular Contact Ball Bearing - Single Row Ball Bearing

Angular Contact Ball Bearing The angular contact ball bearing consists of the balls, inner ring, and outer ring that connect at an angle with a radial angle. The contact angle is divided into 15 degree, 30 degree and 40 degree. Features and materials The angular contact ball bearings mainly bear...

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Angular Contact Ball Bearing - Single row ball bearing

The angular contact ball bearing consists of the balls, inner ring, and outer ring that connect at an angle with a radial angle. The contact angle is divided into 15 degree, 30 degree and 40 degree.

Features and materials

The angular contact ball bearings mainly bear a larger one-way axial load; the greater contact angle has greater load capacity. Materials can be steel, brass, or engineering plastics

The angular contact ball bearings can bear both radial and axial load, and also can work at higher speed. 15-degree contact angle is usually used in high-precision and high-speed bearings. In the Axial force, the contact angle will increase.

Forming type

Molding Method
-Depends on the bearing form or use of different conditions.

There are single row angular contact ball bearings, double row angular contact ball bearings and four-point contact ball bearings.

Single row angular contact ball bearings can only bear one direction of axial load. Also can only limit the axial displacement of the shaft or the housing in one direction.

Sizes and Standards Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Inner diameter: 10mm – 25mm
Outer diameter: 30mm – 62mm
Width: 9mm – 17mm

Single row: 78XX, 79XX, 70XX, 72XX, 73XX, 74XX
Mini: 70X
Double rows: 52XX, 53XX, 32XX, 33X, LD57, LD58
Four points: QJ2XX, QJ3XX

Seal Type: ZZ, RS, 2RS, R2, Z, 2Z, 2RZ, ETC.

Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Product   NumberBore Dia (d)Outer Dia (D)Width (B)Dynamic Load   Rating (Cr) (kN)Static Load   Rating (Cor) (kN)
700010   mm26mm8mm4.652.07
700112   mm28   mm8mm5.052.46
700215   mm32   mm9mm5.83.15
700317   mm35   mm10   mm7.153.85
700420   mm42mm12mm9.75.6
700525   mm47mm12mm10.76.85
700630   mm55mm13mm13.99.45
700735   mm62mm14mm17.512.6
700840   mm68mm15mm18.814.6
700945   mm75mm16mm22.317.7
701050   mm80mm16mm23.720.1
701155   mm90mm18mm3126.3
701260   mm95mm18mm3228.1
701365   mm100mm18mm33.531.5
701470   mm110mm20mm42.539.5
701575   mm115mm20mm43.541.5
701680   mm125mm22mm53.550.5
701785   mm130mm22mm54.553.5
701890   mm140mm24mm6563.5
701995   mm145mm24mm6767
7020100   mm150mm24mm68.570.5
7021105   mm160mm26mm8081.5
7022110   mm170mm28mm9293
7024120   mm180mm28mm93.598.5
7026130   mm200mm33mm117125
7028140   mm210mm33mm120133
7030150   mm225mm35mm137154
7032160   mm240mm38mm155176
7034170   mm260mm42mm186214
7036180   mm280mm46mm219266
7038190   mm290mm46mm224280
7040200   mm310mm51mm252325
720010   mm30   mm9   mm5.452.74
720112   mm32mm10mm7.63.95
720215   mm35mm11mm9.054.7
720317   mm40mm12mm126.6
720420   mm47mm14mm14.58.4
720525   mm52mm15mm16.210.3
720630   mm62mm16mm22.514.8
720735   mm72mm17mm29.720.1
720840   mm80mm18mm35.525.1
720945   mm85mm19mm39.528.7
721050   mm90mm20mm41.531.5
721155   mm100mm21mm5139.5
721260   mm110mm22mm61.549
721365   mm120mm23mm70.558
721470   mm125mm24mm76.563.5
721575   mm130mm25mm7968.5
721680   mm140mm26mm8976
721785   mm150mm28mm99.588.5
721890   mm160mm30mm118103
721995   mm170mm32mm133118
7220100   mm180mm34mm144126
7221105   mm190mm36mm157142
7222110   mm200mm38mm170158
7224120   mm215mm40mm183177
7226130   mm230mm40mm196198
7228140   mm250mm42mm203215
7230150   mm270mm45mm232259
7232160   mm290mm48mm263305
7234170   mm310mm52mm295360
7236180   mm320mm52mm305385
7238190   mm340mm55mm305390
7240200   mm360mm58mm335450
730010   mm35   mm11   mm10.14.95
730112   mm37   mm12   mm11.25.25
730215   mm42   mm13   mm13.57.2
730317   mm47   mm14   mm15.98.65
730420   mm52   mm15   mm18.710.6
730525   mm62   mm17   mm26.415.8
730630   mm72   mm19   mm33.522.3
730735   mm80   mm21   mm4026.3
730840   mm90   mm23   mm4933
730945   mm100   mm25   mm63.544
731050   mm110   mm27   mm7452
731155   mm120   mm29   mm8661.5
731260   mm130   mm31   mm9871.5
731365   mm140   mm33   mm11182
731470   mm150   mm35   mm12593.5
731575   mm160   mm37   mm136106
731680   mm170   mm39   mm147119
731785   mm180   mm41   mm159133
731890   mm190   mm43   mm171147
731995   mm200   mm45   mm183162
7320100   mm215   mm47   mm207193
7321105   mm225   mm49   mm220210
7322110   mm240   mm50   mm246246
7324120   mm260   mm55   mm246252
7326130   mm280   mm58   mm273293
7328140   mm300   mm62   mm300335
7330150   mm320   mm65   mm330380
7332160   mm340   mm68   mm345420
7334170   mm360   mm72   mm390485
7336180   mm380   mm75   mm410535
7338190   mm400   mm78   mm430585
7340200   mm420   mm80   mm450605
790525   mm42   mm9   mm7.154.95
790630   mm47   mm9   mm7.555.75
790735   mm55   mm10   mm128.85
790840   mm62   mm12   mm12.710.2
790945   mm68   mm12   mm15.712.9
791050   mm72   mm12   mm16.614.5
791155   mm80   mm13   mm17.316.1
791260   mm85   mm13   mm18.117.4
791365   mm90   mm13   mm18.318
791470   mm100   mm16   mm26.226.2
791575   mm105   mm16   mm25.670.1
791680   mm110   mm16   mm26.928
791785   mm120   mm18   mm3638
791890   mm125   mm18   mm3638
791995   mm130   mm18   mm3740.5
7920100   mm140   mm20   mm4852.5
7921105   mm145   mm20   mm48.554.5
7922110   mm150   mm20   mm49.556
7924120   mm165   mm22   mm6169.5
7926130   mm180   mm24   mm7587.5
7928140   mm190   mm24   mm75.590
7930150   mm210   mm28   mm97.5117
7932160   mm280   mm28   mm98.5121
7934170   mm230   mm28   mm102129
7936180   mm250   mm33   mm131163
7938190   mm260   mm33   mm133169
7940200   mm280   mm38   mm185231
7944220   mm300   mm38   mm187239
7948240   mm320   mm38   mm197264
7952260   mm360   mm46   mm258375
7956280   mm380   mm46   mm261385
7960300   mm420   mm56   mm325520

Angular Contact ball Bearing 11

Packaging and Delivery

White box Packaging, Tube box packaging, Brand typed customized box packaging, Wooden box, linear guide and screws.

The packaging depends on the size, quantity, and customer request.

Small parts can be done express, DHL or UPS, etc.
Big parts usually do with sea freight.

Angular Contact Ball Bearing 12

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