Angular Contact Ball Bearing - Double Row Ball Bearing

Angular Contact Ball Bearing - Double Row Ball Bearing

Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing The angular contact ball bearing consists of the balls, inner ring, and outer ring that connect at an angle with a radial angle. The contact angle is divided into 15 degree, 30 degree and 40 degree. Features and materials The angular contact ball bearings mainly bear...

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Angular Contact Ball Bearing - Double row ball bearing

The angular contact ball bearing consists of the balls, inner ring, and outer ring that connect at an angle with a radial angle. The contact angle is divided into 15 degree, 30 degree and 40 degree.

Features and materials

The angular contact ball bearings mainly bear a larger one-way axial load; the greater contact angle has greater load capacity. Materials can be steel, brass, or engineering plastics

The double row angular contact ball bearings can bear both radial and axial load, and also can work at higher speed. 15-degree contact angle is usually used in high-precision and high-speed bearings. In the Axial force, the contact angle will increase.

Forming type

Molding Method
-Depends on the bearing form or use of different conditions.

There are single row angular contact ball bearings, double row angular contact ball bearings and four-point contact ball bearings.

Single row angular contact ball bearings can only bear one direction of axial load. Also can only limit the axial displacement of the shaft or the housing in one direction.

Sizes and Standards Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Inner diameter: 10mm – 25mm
Outer diameter: 30mm – 62mm
Width: 9mm – 17mm

Single row: 78XX, 79XX, 70XX, 72XX, 73XX, 74XX
Mini: 70X
Double rows: 52XX, 53XX, 32XX, 33X, LD57, LD58
Four points: QJ2XX, QJ3XX

Seal Type: ZZ, RS, 2RS, R2, Z, 2Z, 2RZ, ETC.

double row contact ball bearing

Product   NumberBearing TypeBore Dia (d)Outer Dia (D)Width (B)Dynamic Load   Rating (Cr) (kN)Static Load   Rating (Cor) (kN)
5200Open10   mm30mm14.287mm7.153.9
5200zzShielded10   mm30mm14.287mm7.153.9
5200   2rsSealed10   mm30mm14.287mm7.153.9
5201Open12   mm32mm15.875mm10.65.85
5201zzShielded12   mm32mm15.875mm10.65.85
5201   2rsSealed12   mm32mm15.875mm10.65.85
5202Open15   mm35mm15.875mm11.76.95
5202zzShielded15   mm35mm15.875mm11.76.95
5202   2rsSealed15   mm35mm15.875mm11.76.95
5203Open17   mm40mm17.462mm14.89
5203zzShielded17   mm40mm17.462mm14.89
5203   2rsSealed17   mm40mm17.462mm14.89
5204Open20   mm47mm20.638mm19.512.2
5204zzShielded20   mm47mm20.638mm19.512.2
5204   2rsSealed20   mm47mm20.638mm19.512.2
5205Open25   mm52mm20.638mm21.214.6
5205zzShielded25   mm52mm20.638mm21.214.6
5205   2rsSealed25   mm52mm20.638mm21.214.6
5206Open30   mm62mm23.812mm29.621.2
5206zzShielded30   mm62mm23.812mm29.621.2
5206   2rsSealed30   mm62mm23.812mm29.621.2
5207Open35   mm72mm26.990mm37.727.5
5207zzShielded35   mm72mm26.990mm37.727.5
5207   2rsSealed35   mm72mm26.990mm37.727.5
5208Open40   mm80mm30.163mm44.934
5208zzShielded40   mm80mm30.163mm44.934
5208   2rsSealed40   mm80mm30.163mm44.934
5209Open45   mm85mm30.163mm48.839
5209zzShielded45   mm85mm30.163mm48.839
5209   2rsSealed45   mm85mm30.163mm48.839
5210Open50   mm90mm30.163mm48.839
5210zzShielded50   mm90mm30.163mm48.839
5210   2rsSealed50   mm90mm30.163mm48.839
5211Open55   mm100mm33.338mm57.247.5
5211zzShielded55   mm100mm33.338mm57.247.5
5211   2rsSealed55   mm100mm33.338mm57.247.5
5212Open60   mm110mm36.513mm70.258.5
5212zzShielded60   mm110mm36.513mm70.258.5
5212   2rsSealed60   mm110mm36.513mm70.258.5
5213Open65   mm120mm38.100mm80.673.5
5213zzShielded65   mm120mm38.100mm80.673.5
5213   2rsSealed65   mm120mm38.100mm80.673.5
5214Open70   mm125mm39.688mm88.480
5214zzShielded70   mm125mm39.688mm88.480
5214   2rsSealed70   mm125mm39.688mm88.480
5215Open75   mm130mm41.275mm95.688
5215zzShielded75   mm130mm41.275mm95.688
5215   2rsSealed75   mm130mm41.275mm95.688
5216Open80   mm140mm44.450mm10695
5216zzShielded80   mm140mm44.450mm10695
5216   2rsSealed80   mm140mm44.450mm10695
5217Open85   mm150mm49.213mm124110
5217zzShielded85   mm150mm49.213mm124110
5217   2rsSealed85   mm150mm49.213mm124110
5218Open90   mm160mm52.388mm130120
5218zzShielded90   mm160mm52.388mm130120
5218   2rsSealed90   mm160mm52.388mm130120
5219Open95   mm170mm55.563mm165153
5219zzShielded95   mm170mm55.563mm165153
5219   2rsSealed95   mm170mm55.563mm165153
5220Open100   mm180mm60.325mm186173
5220zzShielded100   mm180mm60.325mm186173
5220   2rsSealed100   mm180mm60.325mm186173
5304open20   mm52   mm22.225   mm22.514.6
5304zzshielded20   mm52   mm22.225   mm22.514.6
5304   2rssealed20   mm52   mm22.225   mm22.514.6
5305open25   mm62   mm25.400mm30.720.4
5305zzshielded25   mm62   mm25.400   mm30.720.4
5305   2rssealed25   mm62   mm25.400   mm30.720.4
5306open30   mm72   mm30.160mm41.629
5306zzshielded30   mm72   mm30.160   mm41.629
5306   2rssealed30   mm72   mm30.160   mm41.629
5307open35   mm80   mm34.930mm49.434.5
5307zzshielded35   mm80   mm34.930   mm49.434.5
5307   2rssealed35   mm80   mm34.930   mm49.434.5
5308open40   mm90mm36.513mm60.543
5308zzshielded40   mm90   mm36.513   mm60.543
5308   2rssealed40   mm90   mm36.513   mm60.543
5309open45   mm100   mm39.688mm72.853
5309zzshielded45   mm100   mm39.688   mm72.853
5309   2rssealed45   mm100   mm39.688   mm72.853
5310open50   mm110   mm45.450mm85.264
5310zzshielded50   mm110   mm45.450   mm85.264
5310   2rssealed50   mm110   mm45.450   mm85.264
5311open55   mm120   mm49.213mm10681.5
5311zzshielded55   mm120   mm49.213   mm10681.5
5311   2rssealed55   mm120   mm49.213   mm10681.5
5312open60   mm130   mm53.975mm12195
5312zzshielded60   mm130   mm53.975   mm12195
5312   2rssealed60   mm130   mm53.975   mm12195
5313open65   mm140mm58.738mm138108
5313zzshielded65   mm140   mm58.738   mm138108
5313   2rssealed65   mm140   mm58.738   mm138108
5314open70   mm150   mm63.500mm153125
5314zzshielded70   mm150   mm63.500   mm153125
5314   2rssealed70   mm150   mm63.500   mm153125
5315open75   mm160   mm68.263mm168140
5315zzshielded75   mm160   mm68.263   mm168140
5315   2rssealed75   mm160   mm68.263   mm168140
5316open80   mm170   mm68.623   mm182156
5316zzshielded80   mm170   mm68.263   mm182156
5316   2rssealed80   mm170   mm68.263   mm182156
5317open85   mm180   mm73.025   mm195176
5317zzshielded85   mm180   mm73.025   mm195176
5317   2rssealed85   mm180   mm73.025   mm195176
5318open90   mm190   mm73.025   mm212196
5318zzshielded90   mm190   mm73.025   mm212196
5318   2rssealed90   mm190   mm73.025   mm212196

Angular Contact ball Bearing 11

Packaging and Delivery

White box Packaging, Tube box packaging, Brand typed customized box packaging, Wooden box, linear guide and screws.

The packaging depends on the size, quantity, and customer request.

Small parts can be done express, DHL or UPS, etc.
Big parts usually do with sea freight.

Angular Contact Ball Bearing 12

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